Creating Unlimited Freedom From Self-Destruction

Self Care For Families Of “Addicted Loved Ones”
October 9, 2016
I Know I Can
October 10, 2016

Creating Unlimited Freedom From Self-Destruction

We believe it possible to create a new view of life for many who are now lost. All deserve a chance. If a young person is seen as hopeless and having squandered an entire life, at age 14, we are all in trouble. Growing up amidst difficult circumstances is not fault of any child.

Like us they too have a survival mechanism. Imagine not having the basic necessities of life food, water, shelter. Add to the lack of a parental structure, discipline, education, and love. Now, Imagine not knowing there is hope, and living into that as your reality.

This crisis is no longer an issue of who is at fault. We all are, now there is only “What to do about it.” We believe you care, so send us. Give us the resources to begin healing these young people before it becomes too late. Drugs, alcohol, and violence are just a cry out in the beginning, but before long they will become a way of life.

We begin to perish when we become silent about the things that matter

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

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