Self Care For Families Of “Addicted Loved Ones”

Creating Unlimited Freedom From Self-Destruction
October 9, 2016

Self Care For Families Of “Addicted Loved Ones”

By the age 13, most today have been exposed to drugs, and/or alcohol. This early exposure often leads many to jails, institutions, and sometimes worse!

Dealing with a loved one’s addiction is no small matter. Having to experience it alone is worse. Some of our loved one’s are in prison, treatment or out of control with no place to go. Come out and discover what you don’t know, that you don’t know.

Learn how to cope by discovering how to avoid:

Loss of Self
Stress of Guilt
Pain of Enabling

You will walk away with new found freedom, joy, and some valuable resources which can make a difference. Your life does not have to come apart while helping someone else. Let us show you how.

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