An amazing speaker who offers a fresh, fascinating, and fun perspective.


Victor Lee is an amazing speaker who offers a fresh, fascinating and fun perspective to challenging and difficult conversations. He does this first through introducing people to themselves. He shamelessly uses his personal trials as platforms for reaching others. This closes gaps which often prevent access to shifts necessary for personal growth and creating desired change. He believes personal development to be the quintessential action for those who have a passion to lead and live more powerfully.

In Aerospace engineering for 9 years, he learned how to work effectively with teams on a variety of programs such as the Space Shuttle Orbiter and the AAH (Advanced Attack Helicopter). In real estate sales and finance for more than 16 years he learned the importance of developing and delivering value-added service. There he also learned how to lead teams.

Today as a professional speaker, author, trainer and coach more than 16 years he leverages his experience moving his audience in ways that produce: IncreasedJob Satisfaction, Purpose, Accountability, Productivity, Morale and Quality of Life.

Victor is the founder of Getting Beyond Barriers, an Arizona non-profit organization with a commitment to reinventing how individuals and organizations engage personal development as a tool for personal and organizational change. Interestingly Victor works with youth in much the same way. He has developed way to foster and facilitate shifts in behavior and thinking through communication, leadership programs, drug and alcohol prevention and youth public speaking workshops./p>

Now completing an MA in Organizational Leadership at Gonzaga University, he is already committed to a PhD program in Education. There his focus will be creating a change model which assists and strengthens organizations in facilitating, implementing and transitioning change. Victor is the author of a “Making Sense Out of” collection of titles Making Sense Out of Life’s Trials, Making Sense Out of Our Experiences and Making Sense Out of Addictionand soon, Making Sense Out Of HOPE.


MA in Organizational Leadership
Gonzaga University
BA: Human Services
AAS: Chemical Dependency/Addiction
Professional Speaker/Trainer 17 years
Certified Life Coach 7 Years
Landmark Education: Graduate


LSAT (Licensed Substance Abuse Technician)


International Association of Coaching Professionals
Founder of “Young and Restless” Youth Recovery Group 2010
National Speakers Association
Gaudenzia Alumnus
Destined 4 Greatness (Youth Empowerment Ambassador)
Board of Directors for Executive Youth Foundation
National Association of Success and Leadership Alumni

‘A seed sown in the fertile soil of our imagination, has the possibility of a forest.’