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Self-Care for Families of Addicts/Alcoholics

Youth Possibilities Northern Arizona

North Dakota Long Term Care Assn

Refugee Workshops Phoenix, AZ

Together We are the Hope for a Better Tomorrow

The health, and wellbeing of all will help to ensure a brighter future for present and up and coming generations of us all. The goal of Getting Beyond Barriers is to create sustainable programs that are designed to promote good health and leadership development. Your tax-deductible gift will help ensure that Getting Beyond Barriers can continue to keep these programs for the young to the seasoned running strong for generations to come.

Our Vison 4 Youth program is one way we reach out to the young. There we facilitate classroom and assembly style programs designed to challenge and inspire each in the areas of: Education, Drugs/Alcohol, Speaking and overall Well-Being. Our goal is that each gain the tools for greater decision making, enhanced communication and overall self-efficacy. Some of these programs we you would be sponsoring are:

Behind the Masks,
It’s All Public Speaking
Who Are Our Friends

The Adult outreach consists of empowerment in the areas of drug and alcohol education, personal development, reentry for those with felonies and self-efficacy. We achieve this through community bases classrooms, seminars and workshops. Some of the programs you would be sponsoring:

Embracing and Committing to Change
Breaking the Cycle of Recidivism
The Power to Achieve
Domestic Violence
Self-Care for Families of Addicts/Alcoholics