GBB-The Organization

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GBB-The Organization

Getting Beyond Barriers is an Arizona Non-Profit Organization based in Phoenix, AZ founded March of 2010. The nature of the work of this entity is to assist individuals and organizations with the challenges of growing. From young to the seasoned, each of us has areas of life which prevent us from developing more fully. For some one or more of these have us stopped.

Victor Lee is no stranger to dealing with difficulty. In 1985, a homeless drug addict, he rose out of the ashes of this scourge of society. Today as a speaker, teacher, coach, workshop facilitator and author, he challenges these and other menaceswhich stop us from living a life of promise. Clean addict more than three decades, he knows what it takes to get up after being knocked down. In his view “NO Pain, No CHANGE”!

The UNIVERSAL goal of our work is to cause shifts in how we approach what I call “obstacle illusions”. These are the circumstance which we believe to be the reasonwe are not where we aspire. When we discover they are not real, what shows up is a space and a newfound desire for creating a life we love and enjoy.

We have work with youth, adults, addicts/alcoholics, health care organizations, sales organizations, leaders, prisons, refugees and more. Our mantra for all our clients is “We can’t be where we won’t go”. Our mission is simple. We assist you in getting there and all we ask is you put some feet to where you desire to be.