Together We Can

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What can you bring? We are looking for Board Members who are ready to be the difference. In the words of Darius Graham,a young man “The truth is anyone can be the difference; all it takes is using whatever you have, to do whatever you can”.

At Getting Beyond Barriers we are looking for a few good men and women who have the desire and passion to assist us in shaping a better tomorrow, right now for some who do not even know it’s possible. Join us as together each of us can do so much more, than any of us can do alone. We need resources, ideas, manpower and more importantly love for others.

Call us right now and let’s dialogue on new realms of possibility ensuring a future for someone who does not yet believe it can happen for him or herself. No one else can bring what we can and I personally would love to work with you and the gift of who you are for others.

Victor Lee - President GBB